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Has General Iron Caused Nuisance to Your Neighborhood?

General Iron Industries, located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area, may have caused significant damage to surrounding residents due to its toxic emissions. It is a scrap metal shredder plant, which has been in the same location for 60 years, and faced several accidents in recent years.

In May 2020, there was an explosion at the plant, leading to massive increases in air pollution. The explosion allegedly happened due to a glitch in the shredder’s conveyor system. A piece of equipment known as a regenerative thermal oxidizer, which burns emissions, is also said to have been involved in the explosion. .

The explosion led to severe damage to the entire building, and a thick cloud of smoke and toxic dust endangered the community. The city shut down the plant, but later allowed it to reopen, saying that it had satisfied requirements.

Toxic dust is a very serious danger to the residents of the community and might make them even more vulnerable during a respiratory disease pandemic, like the current COVID-19 one.

Chicago’s Communities Under Threat

This incident is the latest in a series of accidents- the plant has also faced a 2015 fire, a 2016 city-ordered shutdown, a 2017 harassment lawsuit, and a 2018 citation for excessive air emissions. Lincoln Park residents have previously complained about fluff coating the neighborhood’s sidewalks, roads, porches, and playgrounds and endangering the community’s health. They have also complained of toxic odors and material drifting into their houses. The plant has received 11 tickets from the city for untreated emissions till date.

Most recently, many have criticized General Iron for its plan to move the facility to a predominantly minority neighborhood. The city has also been accused of perpetuating environmental racism by asking the company to move away from the North Side to the Far South Side.

General Iron must be held liable for its negligence and disregard for community safety and health.

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Anyone living within one mile of the plant could have been affected by the toxic emissions from the plant. Individuals living in Lincoln Park, Old Town, and Wicker park, within the borders of Fullerton, Division, LaSalle, and N Damen Ave, may be entitled to seek damages from General Iron.

Exposure to dust, metals, volatile organic compounds, and other hazardous matter on your property may result in nuisance or serious injury. If you lived in any of the areas affected by pollution from General Iron, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

General Iron’s reckless and negligent behavior has caused particles to be released in the air that can be damaging to people. Reach out to our experienced team of lawyers to get the justice and compensation you deserve and ensure that General Iron stops harming your community.